If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.
John Bingham
22. March 2020
Lisbon, Portugal

About me

Hi… I'm Michael and sometimes I run.

When I went for my first run in mid-July 2013, I couldn't even make it for one kilometer. Out of breath, no form, no technique and wondering what I got myself into - but in the end I managed to run 3.1 kilometers with more time spent on catching my breath than actually running. "Faster, higher, further, better" was never my motto. I just ran - mainly for myself and by myself. Time does not matter, distance does not matter - the only thing that matters is being out there. Running has something liberating and something highly meditative. You are just in the moment, nothing else bothering, enjoying the outdoors - and when finishing, this sudden rush of achievement let's you know: you can do it! No matter if it's hot or cold, sunny, rainy, windy, a good day or a bad day. Running always gets me grounded, and sometimes even I catch that runner's high. But mostly I will just catch a sunburn.

Since then it's been a couple of kilometers.

Most of my time I spend on non-running activities like photography, programming, catching up on my kayaking skills and enjoying those moments on the couch where literally nothing happens. Other than that you can find me working in the world of IoT.

See you on the track.

Run Europe

Just after my first offical race - the Bucharest Halfmarathon in May 2018 - I decided to run a Halfmarathon in all of the 28 capital cities of the European Union.

Feeling as a citizen of the European Union with freedom of movement, no restrictions on travelling, no exhaustive visa-processes and mostly paying with the same currency all over Europe, all of Europe is just on my doorstep. Mostly we tend to see the negative sides of the EU in our day-to-day lifes and public discussions. All the positive effects become just a peripheral matter. I wanted to bring back my personal life into the idea of an unified Europe - to see and experience the world for myself. Seeing countries and meeting people instead of only believing rumours and hearsay changes things. It changes perspectives. It changes yourself. It challenges yourself.

This is how the idea of Run Europe was born.

The Run Europe logo should symbolize the idea of one Europe - instead of having multiple stars it symbolizes with only one star the whole of my idea as well as the whole of Europe. On a personal note, compared to the colors of the Flag of Europe, I find my choice of blue slightly more optimistic. I'm not sure where this project will be leading me. Maybe it will just show that history, politics and running have something in common: it's a long way - let's hope it is worth the effort.

And should you meet me at one of the many airports and races - you are always welcome to buy me a beer…

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